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Invoicy is the only web tool for SMEs and freelancers that connects for you to your suppliers website and download your invoices automatically


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Why Invoicy?

Avoid misplaced or unaccounted invoices

Invoicy collects for you all your bills and tickets at the time they are created: our robots download them automatically or you can take a simple picture and upload it.

We are connected to your suppliers websites

Nowadays more and more suppliers do not send their invoices and you have to download them one by one in their websites. Forget about it, Invoicy can do this for you!

No more worries about your tax returns

You can consent your accountant to have access to all your invoices; and if you do your own tax return our reports can allow you to finish it in a matter of minutes.

All your invoices organized and easy to find in one click

Search and share your invoices whenever and however you need it: reply tax auditions, check product guarantees or verify supplier data; it has never been so easy.

Your Business on autopilot

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